Men's Dot Kit

Men's Dot Kit

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The Dot Kit is dedicated to our first ever kit release. This kit is designed for long days in the saddle, soaking in sun rays and having a good time! The Dot Kit features our men's tailored fit. The Dot Kit features,

Men's Jersey

  • Polka Men's Specific Fit
  • Reflective Tabs
  • Hidden Jersey Zipper Pocket 
  • Aerotech Sleeves 
  • Full Length Jersey Zipper 
  • Hem Silicon Gripper 

Men's KOM Knicks

  • MITI Pre-Dyed Bib-Knick Fabric
  • MITI Silicon Injected Grippers 
  • Reflective Tabs 
  • High Quality Flat Lock Seams 
  • Polka Men's Chamois

*For mix-match sizing, please place a note in the checkout section e.g. Small Men's Jersey and Medium Men's Knicks


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