The polka story

The name Polka originates from the 'king of the mountain' classification. In a cycling race, a polka dot jersey is given to the rider first across the line on a mountain stage. We have a passion for art, individuality, riding with mates (even up mountains) and of course polka dots.  Through this, Polka was born. 

We are based in Brisbane, Australia and create premium cycling apparel for the those who enjoy quality products, design and riding bikes. We design products to be ridden in, enjoyed and shared. Polka strives to use the best technical fabrics and manufacturing technology to bring you exceptional products. 

We are a brand that supports good times through cycling. We strive to create products that give individuals and groups a reason to smile. In a sport that is often taken very seriously, our mission is to make products that support good times.  When you ride in Polka smile, high five and be a good human! 

Have a good time!

The Polka Team

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